My love of traveling, adventures and road trips probably started with early memories of hitch hiking with my dad around California.  I got my first passport stamp on a language immersion trip to Guatemala at age 13, I’ve never stopped exploring.

I moved from California to South Africa 12 years ago, and it has been the best adventure and a place of continual discovery.

You’ll find here a mix of travels and hidden gems I’ve stumbled on throughout South Africa and the world and usually the adventures center around the hunt for the best food along the way because I am a self-proclaimed queen of Snackistan.

When I am not traveling, I produce content for television and media;  drama series, reality series and branded content, if you are not in South Africa, these shows are likely nowhere on your radar but if you wish, check my CV on Linkedin.

What you can contact me for:

  • Bespoke travel itineraries
  • Personalized Johannesburg tours
  • Production services for travel and hospitality marketing videos